Havasupai Falls 3-4 Day All-inclusive Camping Trip – Grand Canyon, AZ

There are few places in the United States where you can enjoy the desert and beautiful waterfalls at the same time. The Havasupai Reservation will make you feel like you are in your own personal oasis as you discover the beauty of the waterfalls, blue green swimming holes and abundance of wildlife. Walkabout Adventures strives to provide you with an unforgettable experience on a three or four day camping trip catered to your needs. You are able to hike, ride a horse or even take a helicopter down into a part of the Grand Canyon that holds a secret beauty unlike anywhere else. Your reservations, accommodations and transportation will all be arranged by the Walkabout Adventures staff. Our spectacular guides are well trained and medically certified to provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

Havasupai Falls:
Day 1:
The day starts with transportation to the trailhead from Flagstaff, Seligman, Williams or Peach Springs.  After an early pick-up you will drive through the Hualapai Reservation to Hualapai Hilltop where the real fun will begin.  After your guide prepares the gear for the horses to take down you will start off by hiking a set of switch backs for a mile.  After that it is a relatively moderate hike with little elevation change.   This will continue for five miles until you reach Havasu Creek for a long awaited swim in an extremely clear and mineral rich swimming hole.  We will continue on for two miles until you reach the Supai Village where you have the opportunity to grab a refreshing iced drink or even ice cream.  In the village they have a Clinic, Market, Post Office and a Cafe.  This is one of the only places in the United States that still delivers mail by horseback, so you will also have a chance to send your family and friends an amazing postcard of the beautiful place you are in.  For those who choose to sleep in the Lodge you have made it to your sleeping destination, but you still have a one mile hike until you reach the first set of waterfalls.  After some photos you will hike on another 300 meters until you reach the great swimming hole of Curtain Falls.  Following this is the last mile to the campground and one of the most famous falls in the Havasupai Reservation, Havasu Falls.  Havasu Falls plunges 100 feet into the most spectacular blue-green swimming hole with a wonderful mist floating through the air to cool you off.  Here you will relax the rest of the afternoon while your guide sets up camp and begins cooking a one of a kind dinner where you will dine next to Havasu Creek.  Walkabout Adventures is known for their wonderful guides and the meals that they prepare.  Meals are very important to hungry hikers and we aim to please.  Following dinner you have the opportunity to do some spectacular stargazing while the sound of Havasu Creek puts you to sleep.  After a long day and 10 miles, falling asleep is not a hard thing to do on our comfortable sleeping pads.
Day 2:
You will wake up to the smell of coffee, followed by a delicious breakfast.  Day two is a much more relaxed day with short day hikes.  You will head downstream less than a quarter of a mile before you reach the tallest waterfall, Mooney Falls at 200 feet.  Here you will have a 200 foot descent down a set of steps and chains that your guide will assist you through.  You will have the chance to see the water plummeting off from 200 feet above and creating a refreshing mist that will cool you instantly.  There are several smaller water falls within a mile of Mooney Falls, but for the more adventurous hikers there lies another spectacular fall just under three miles away.  This is Beaver Falls, which is a set of cascading waterfalls with the blue-green water to swim in.  After lunch we will head back up towards camp with the option of swimming and relaxing one last time at Havasu Falls or taking another hike in some narrow side canyons.  Another wonderful dinner will be served just before dark while we wait once again for the stars to make their appearance.
Day 3:
Day 3 consists of an early wake up call to the smell of coffee and oatmeal as your guide gets the camp all packed up.  We will have an early departure because the sooner we leave the cooler it will be.  We will have another great hike to the Hilltop, which is the trailhead and refreshing cold drinks!  It’s time for you to experience a Walkabout.
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