Hopi Village – Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Hopi Village.jpgHopi VillageKykotsmovi, Arizona

The Hopi People trace their history in Arizona to more than 2,000 years.  Prior to that they have a history as a people going back many more thousands of years.  Legend has it that the Hopi migrated north to Arizona from the south, up from what is now South, Central America and Mexico.

The Hopi reservation in northeastern Arizona is part of Navajo and Coconino counties and is approximately 1, 542,306 acres.

The Hopi villages are found at both the base and the top of three mesas.  These mesas project to the south from the enormous Black Mesa formation.  The first Mesa has three villages lying on top, they are Tewa, Sichomovi and Walpi, while Polacca sits at the base of the mesa.  Walpi is widely considered the most spectacular of the Hopi villages as it is terraced into a narrow rock table with old stone houses appearing to cling to the cliffs overlooking an expansive view unchanged by centuries.

The second Mesa has three villages, they are Shungopavi, Sipaulovi and Mishongnovi.  Most of the religious and ceremonial activities originate from Shungopavi.

The third Mesa is further west and consist of Kykotsmovi, Old Oraibi (considered the oldest continuously inhabited village in North America), Bacavi and Hotevilla.

Moenkopi is where a branch of Old Oraibi was established as a farming village, later it was a permanent settlement.

The Hopi are known for their pottery, their coiled basketry and for wicker basketry, weaving, kachina doll carving and silver smiting.

In addition to the scenery and arts and crafts, visitors are welcome to attend most public ceremonies to observe dances.  Social and kachina dances are performed today as they have been for centuries.

Photographing, recording or sketching of villages and ceremonies are strictly prohibited.  it is critical that guest obey all rules and regulations established by the villages.

You may contact the different village development offices to find out the dates for their events since they are not published due to respect for each individual village.

Bacavi Village                       928-734-9369
Hoteville Village                   928-734-2420
Mishongnovi Village            928-737-2520
Sipaulovi Village                  928-734-7135
First Mesa Village                 928-734-2670
Kykotsmovi Village              928-734-2474
Shungopavi Village              928-734-2262
Upper Moenkopi Village      928-283-8054
Lower Monekopi Village      928-283-5212