Route 66 Museum – Kingman, Arizona

Route 66 Museum - Kingman, Arizona.jpgRoute 66 Museum – Kingman, Arizona

Route 66 is the most famous highway in America, songs have been written about it, movies have been made using it and memories of thousands are tied to this stretch of highway.  At this museum you can travel back in time to see where it all began.

At the museum you will follow the paths of the Native American trade routes and the US Army lead survey expeditions, you migrate with the settlers on their trip west, feel the hardship and despair of the dust bowl refugees as they journeyed along the Mother Road.  You will see Main Street America in the 50’s .  The museum includes the presentation of a short film from their Route 66 library.

Admission: $3 per person

Location: Powerhouse Visitors Center, 120 W. Andy Devine Ave., Kingman, Arizona 86401

Phone: 928-753-9889