Sedona Red Rock Country – Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Red Rock Country - Sedona, Arizona.jpgSedona Red Rock Country – Sedona, Arizona

This area of the state has beauty that is beyond words.  The mountains are red, the art of the community is outstanding and the opportunity to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset is so welcoming.

The art community of the city has provided some of the most outstanding artwork in Western Art in the world.  Not only is it known for those that have come before but they now have over 300 artists that live in the area and 40 galleries that are filled with unique, beautifully created art in both painting and crafting.  There are several annual arts festivals that exhibit the works of not only those from Sedona but from throughout the entire Southwest.

There is also the Plein Air Festival which is a week-long celebration of Sedona’s extraordinary beauty as seen through the eyes and talent of thirty of the finest painters in the country.  These artists work outside and paint the scenes they see in the fabulous colors.  Every place in town will have artists working; it’s truly a fabulous opportunity to watch the greats at work.

Sedona Jazz on the Rocks has a jazz festival each year in September to help reserve the jazz sound for the next generations to enjoy.

Sedona is known world-wide as a spiritual Mecca and global power spot which has drawn some of the most amazing healers, intuitive, artists and spiritual guides now on the planet.  They invite you to come to Mother Nature’s red-rock temples to experience their life-transforming, soul-nourishing work in person.

Sedona would be pleased to have you spend your Arizona vacation with them; you may decide to stay forever.