Arizona Museum for Youth – Mesa, Arizona

youth museum outside.jpgArizona Museum for Youth – Mesa, Arizona

Have you been to visit AMY with your kids yet?  Amy stands for the Arizona Museum for Youth and is totally focused on teaching children the joy of art and art appreciation.  Here you children can see different kinds of art that will appeal to them, learn how to create art and just have a great time with all there is to do.

Take the little ones to ArtVille which is suited for children 0 – 4 years of age.  They can keep busy in a town built to cultivate awareness of color, line, shape and texture.  There are larger-than-life crayons, paintbrushes and glitter glue for them to create that piece of beauty to give you as a reminder of the fun they had at artville.jpgAMY.

The Museum began as a not for profit organization in 1978.  There is artwork by local, national and international professionals on display which give both young and old an exposure to some of the very best of the world of art for those under 1 to over 101 years of age.  The Museum has over 20,000 feet of public exhibition space with two galleries, a Family Zone and Gallery Shop. 

AMY links interactive art-making activities with each exhibitor.  This enables both the caregivers and the children the opportunity to learn about the techniques, processes and materials used to create art and yet it is fun because they are playing and showing self-expression while they are learning.  The exhibits are dedicated to expression through music, reading, theatre, art making, and art appreciation.  What a great way to have fun while learning!

There are classes available for all ages, children, pre-school summer programs, teens and the family.  It’s a fabulous way to share some time and learn about art at the same time.

There are some rules that apply to a visit to AMY.  They are common sense rules that make the outing more enjoyable for everyone.  Shoes must be worn, running and climbing are not allowed.  You can’t bring your stroller inside nor can you eat or drink in the galleries. 

If you want a break and have something to drink or a snack then you will want to visit the FamilyZone where you will be able to relax and enjoy a snack.

In ArtVille shoes or socks are required.  At Tot’s Square, for toddlers 2 and under, is a socks-oly space. If you forgot to bring some there are socks available for purchase at the Visitor Service Desk.

When the kids are done doing their own art projects in the art exhibition galleries make sure they clean up their area so it is ready for other kids to use later.

Location: 35 N Robson, Mesa, Arizona 85201

480.644.2467: Recorded Info
480.644.2468: Customer Service

Tues – Sat, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Sundays, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed most government holidays.

$6.50 for ages 1 and over. Children under 1 are FREE. Members are FREE. Group Rate: $5.00/person