Is the Hotel San Carlos Haunted? – Phoenix, Arizona

hotel_san_carlos.jpgIs the Hotel San Carlos Haunted? – Phoenix, Arizona

Into this world come some stories about haunted places and the life of those that supposedly haunt them.  The Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix is supposedly haunted by a woman named Leone Jensen, who was 22 at the time, went to the roof of the hotel dressed in an evening gown. Said to be brokenhearted over the lost love of a local bellboy, she jumped from the roof to her death.  It has been said that ever since then guests have reported odd breezes, ghostly noises and the pale shadow of a woman floating in the air.

Now, if you believe in haunted places and you want to experience it for yourself then you really need to visit this hotel which is still operating and attracting people with its Italian Renaissance building was constructed in 1928.  The hotel has hosted such celebrities as Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and the wonderful Mae West (who has a suite named after her.)

The hotel was built on the site of the city’s first school which was built in 1874.  It is said that the sound of children running and laughing is often heard, even when no children are checked in at the hotel.

While you are at the hotel you may want to check out the "San Carlos Hollywood Star Walk", which was inlaid on both the Central and Monroe sidewalks in front of the hotel.  The sidewalk star names a famous movie star or big band leader that has stayed in the hotel while performing in town.

Even with the history of the hotel being such as it is, it is a place that is centrally located to places like Bank One Ballpark, America West Arena, and the Civic Center so if you like the thrill of being someplace haunted and you still want the convenience of location and the decor’ of the past then you should truly check out the Hotel San Carlos.


  1. coolt! 😀

  2. jennifer says:

    i stayed here w/ a theater troupe some years ago. the bellman offerred to take myself and 2 others on a 3am tour. i STILL get the chills thinking of it! he took us to the basement-site of the well and explained about it being a native site even before the school was built. we then went to a certain floor (4th/ 5th cant remember.) the whole floor was closed off to the public and there was one entire room of the hotels old mirrors. SOOO freaky in that room-i was not okay! haha. we finished with the roof. there is still a weird seperate suite on the roof but it looked long unused. all in all quite chilling. i believe 100% that hotel is haunted!!!

    • christina says:

      It must have been several years since you’ve been there if the pent house was still unused. My cousin used to work nights there and we would go visit him. It really is creepy. They have renovated that room upstairs. My cousin couldn’t handle working there anymore and had to quit.

      • Chistina, do you remember any specific stories that your cousin used to tell…or would you have him e-mail me? I do ghost tours of the hotel and love to talk to former employees. Thanks!


        • Linda, I’ve been coming to the tours for a few years now. Maybe you were my guide I’m not sure. I have seen so many things everytime I stay there and go there. Legitamate things. There was a little girl that took the most incredible picture I’ve ever seen. I asked her to send me a copy of it and I would pay her but she never did. I’ve been involved in stuff like this for many years. I’m not an expert or anything like that, just grew up with a family here in phoenix that this kind of stuff made San Carlos look like a daycare. I’m on the waiting list for this years tour times. Hope to see you there. Duane

          • Duane, that happens to us a lot. Someone will get a great photo and forget to send it in! The good news is, as the tour guides, we usually get a peek at it the night it’s taken. That’s one of the best parts of our job! I hope, someday, the little girl finds your contact info and surprises you with the pic! :)

  3. armando ortiz says:

    I just stayed last weekend at the hotel san carlos for the one stop music conference. While at the hotel i heard the people talking and laughing all night and morning for the first 2 nights. I then talked to the front desk lady and she said she was sorry about that so she looked up our room and said that no one has been booked in any room near us all week… that the room was vacant. i told her that there was a 2 woman talking and a man in the room next to us that me and my friend where talking to them through the walls because they tried to open the connecting doors of the rooms and the people were gigling and laughing all night and morning. She then sent us up starirs with security and there was no one there just a strong smell of woman’s perfume followed bye a fowl sewer like smell. Then she started talking to us about the history of the hotel and the lady who jumped off the roof and the kids in the sewer. We had no idea of any of this at the time our friend who was traveling with us booked the hotel just because it said we would get a free breakfast (which they don’t have lol) after my experiences i would have to say that there is something defiantly going on there. I personally never believed in anything paranormal like i said the people were not faint whispers or anything they were like normal voices. The day we got back my friend said he could of swore he saw a little kid walk out of the bathroom and didn’t want to freak us all out. Like I said i believe 100% that there is crazy things going on in Arizona !! I”m glad to be back in the bay area were ghost are the least of my problems-

    • Which bathroom did ur friend see the little boy come out of? Just recently ive experienced something when visiting the hotels upstairs bathroom.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I visited the Hotel San Carlos last night and nothing paranormal was experienced. The hotel was old and yes it does creak and make old hotel noises. The ai conditioning was on and of course it is cold where the vents are which explains those weird chills. There are flourescent lights on that cause smoky haze. Nothing unusal for an old hotel.

  5. I JUST started working at the CHASE building DIRECTLY across the street from this building. As a paranormall believer, I am strangley drawn to this building…. maybe I will venture there on my lunch break to see what I eexperience……

    • christina says:

      sneak down to the basement. The paranormal investigators say that is the most haunted part of the hotel. The mediums have seen ghosts in the area where the washer and dryer are.

  6. This Hotel is totally haunted me and my friends went there on friday looked around and we heard like chans and banging and we went back on sunday and we took picture and like mostly every picture we took ha a face of a lady near us

    • Sarah, I have seen the most remarkable picture a little girl took in the elevator. It looked like a huge puff of cigerette smoke had been blown into the air, very thick. In the smoke you could make out every detail of a woman. Eyes, eyebrows, lashes, everything. I have never seen such a good picture of something like that. I even went into the elevator and started firing off my camera to see what kind of flash back there was and see if it might have just been a reflecting. Nothing reflective at all. I believe in these things and I believe it was very real. To be honest I ALWAYS look for the obvious to rule out pharanormal. This was Pharanormal. I wanted to ask you if you would send me one of the best pics you can see the woman in. I’m thinking it may be the same woman and it may have been Leone Jenson. if you would my email address is Anyone else reading this that might have a good pic to share from the San Carlos or anywhere else I’d be greatly interested. Thank you. Duane
      PS- I have seen numerous things happen everytime I go there or stay there.

  7. i have never gone to the san carlos hoyel but my grandparents grandma just had a weird feeling right when they got grandpa said he got on an elevator with this man and, he asked him what floor and he said the 8th but . . . . .there are only 7 FLOORS.neither of them knew it was haunted at first.i would totally go to the san carlos hotel.


  9. christina says:


    I check in at the Hotel San Carlos (7th floor) on a business trip to attend a conference. I realized right away that the place was historic, but had no idea that it was known for being haunted! My first night was horrible! I tossed and turned all night. The pipes in the building rattled as well. While in the midst of sleep, I opened my eyes to see what looked like a young, slender woman, wearing a shawl, pearing out the window, slowly pacing back and forth. I thought it to be just a dream until the next day, a Phoenix local asked me if I had seen any ghost in the hotel. I couldn’t believe my ears! The hotel already gave me the creeps, but to hear someone mention out of the blue that it was haunted really freaked me out. I swear, this is the first time I’ve ever written a comment on a website. I am telling you the absolute truth. Lastly, I give God all glory for protecting me and giving me a peaceful rest the next night.

  10. Dawnice says:

    I am staying at the San Carlos this coming weekend for my husband and my Anniversary! I was downtown just walking around looking around for a hotel to celebrate and as soon as I seen the San carlos I had to stay there. SO we have chosen and made the reservations. As i started resreaching it to find out more of what our stay will be like. I found all these reports and stuff about it bein haunted which is totally exciting and just makes me want to stay there even more. So I am going this weekend and I will take tons of pics and document everything!!!!! I will write on here about my experince and see if it really does hold up to all the hype!!!!!!