Fort Bowie – Bowie, Arizona

fort bowie.jpgFort BowieBowie, Arizona

Fort Bowie commemorates the bitter conflict between the Chiricahua Apaches and the U. S. Military.  It was a time when the western movement was requiring more land for the settlements and the hunter/gatherer society fighting to preserve its way of life, its very existence.

The world Famous Native American Indian Chief, Geronimo, was involved in the battles that took place around Fort Bowie for more than 30 years.  Eventually the chief surrendered in 1886 his tribe was banished to the unknown lands (to them) of Florida and Alabama.

It was the site of the Bascom Affair, a wagon train massacre, and the battle of Apache Pass, where a large force of Chiricahua Apaches fought the California Volunteers.

The fort is located on a 1,000 acre site.  The remains of Fort Bowie are carefully preserved for history.  The adobe walls of various post buildings and the ruins of a Butterfield Stage Station remain.  Fort Bowie saw the end of the Indian wars in the United States.

Admission: Free

Seasons/Hours: Open year around.  Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day

Visitor Center: Hours: 8-4:30 (Ruins Trail hours are from sunrise to sunset)

There is no food service or gasoline stations in the area.  The closest services are in Bowie and Willcox.

Location: 12 miles south of

Bowie, Arizona