Fort Huachuca Historical Museum – Sierra Vista, Arizona

Fort Huachuca Historical Museum.jpgFort Huachuca Historical Museum – Sierra Vista, Arizona

The fort was constructed in 1877 as one of a chain of forts established to guard southern Arizona against the Chiricahua Apaches, led by Geronimo.  The army organized at this site for the chase of Geronimo and his followers through Mexico‘s Sierra Madre during the summer of 1886, compelling their surrender.

The fort was also home to the Buffalo Soldiers (the elite black cavalry corps). 

Fort Huachuca is still active today as a military post.  There are 70,000 acres, 110 of which are the "Old Post Area".  This historic district contains many notable buildings, among them the Pershing House.  General John Pershing, in 1916 led a campaign into Mexico to find Pancho Villa.

In 1954 the fort became the site for advanced testing of electronics and communications equipment and today is the Army Intelligence Center and School and the army’s Information Systems Command.  All C130 flight training for NATO takes place at the fort, as does some training for the Israelis air force and army.

Carleton House is the oldest building on the base.  It was originally constructed as the post hospital back in 1880 and was named for Brig. General James H. Carleton, the famous leader of the "California Column" during the Civil War.  It was a hospital for a few years and then was turned into house quarters for officers, an officer’s mess, post headquarters, a cafe, and then a schoolhouse.  Between 1947 and 1951, when the fort was briefly given back to the state of Arizona, Carleton House was used as vacation retreat by Governors Sidney Osborn and Dan Garvey.  In more recent years it has been the home of the hospital commander and other officers assigned to the base.

This is an interesting stop on your Arizona vacation.  Plan for a couple of hours at the museum and wandering around looking at all the buildings.

To gain a better understanding of the Buffalo Soldiers you may want to visit the fort and take the tour that starts at noon in front of the Fort Huachuca Historical Museum the third Saturday of every month.  You will see several sites on the post that are part of the Buffalo Soldier story.

Location: 3 miles northwest of the fort’s main gate at Boyd and Grierson Ave. in Sierra Vista is the Museum.

Open weekdays from 9 – 4 and from 1 – 4 on weekends

A donation is suggested.


  1. ray stankiewicz says:

    I WAS A Military Policeman at Ft Hachuca in 1951 to 1953 it was a great place to be and I loved Arizona, coming from Brooklyn N.Y.

  2. andre c taylor says:

    i wasz at the 40th signal bn from 1978 to1983.i had the best time going to the field house