Shady Dell Trailer Court Motel – Bisbee, Arizona

Shady Dell Trailer Court Motel - Bisbee, Arizona.jpegShady Dell Trailer Court Motel – Bisbee, Arizona

Have you seen those old travel trailers in the back 40 of some farm where it sits falling apart and having everyone wonder why the heck they didn’t get rid of the “piece of junk” years ago.  Well, if you come to Bisbee you will see how someone took the past and has converted them into a lodging facility to accept guests.

The old trailers are the aluminum-bodied tag-along types from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that have been restored to their original condition.  The six trailers show how some people are really not ready to let the past go, they continue to collect items for year’s gone bye and now have the opportunity to stay in a trailer from the era rather than a new, modern hotel.  You can stay in one of the trailers for something between $25 and $45 a night, depending on how fancy you want to get.

Some of them don’t have toilets, but there is a large bathhouse a few steps away that actually have flush toilets and showers (sure beats the outhouse concept.)  There are three trailers that have showers but the owner would really rather the people use the bathhouse since the showers are hard to clean.  The rates for these trailer has jumped in the last couple of years to rates from $87 to $145.  It’s not an inexpensive stay any longer so you may want to check on the dates you want and compare to other facilities in the area.

There is a small diner for your pleasure, it’s a 1957 Valentine diner purchased from Los Angeles and is now a neon-trimmed, freshly painted silver and red Dot’s Diner.  It only seats 10 inside and 8 outside.  You can get your breakfast, lunch or dinner there which is what is expected when you are on vacation!

Directions: Bisbee is located in the south of Cochise County, in the southeast corner of Arizona.  From Tucson take Hwy 80 and continue south, past Benson to Bisbee.

Phone: 928-432-3567



  1. Update 2012: prices range from $87 to $145…a far cry from the rates listed here!!!